Controlled Environment Agriculture Emphasis

A bachelor's degree in Sustainable Plant Systems, controlled environment agriculture emphasis, will help you cultivate technologies to efficiently produce plants and plant-based products. You will learn to develop ways to grow plants with optimized resource consumption, using environmentally, socially and economically sustainable growing systems in arid lands and urban settings.

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About the Controlled Environment Agriculture Emphasis

This degree emphasis will prepare you for a career in hydroponic farming, greenhouse management, engineering, business, data analysis and more. This degree also can be used as a launch pad for further studies at the graduate level, or for a research position with a public, private or academic institute.

Degree requirements

Courses required to complete a B.S. in Sustainable Plant Systems, controlled environment agriculture emphasis, are subject to change, so remember to meet with your advisor regularly to review your course plan.

Course examples

You’ll work with your advisor to create a course plan that includes core and elective classes. Some course options for the controlled environment agriculture emphasis include:

  • Introduction to Hydroponics
  • Essential Computing for the Sciences
  • Intro to Biosystems Analytics
  • Controlled Environment Systems
  • Aquaponics

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