Ph.D. Minors

If you want to broaden your education as a doctoral graduate student, you can earn a Ph.D. minor in plant science, plant pathology, or both.

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Why minor in Plant Science or Plant Pathology?

A minor is required for Ph.D. students at the University of Arizona. You will select your minor before submitting your plan of study. If you are a doctoral student in the School of Plant Sciences, you will have the opportunity to obtain a minor in the same subject as your major (plant science or plant pathology) or you can choose a minor subject from another department.

With guidance from your advisor, you should seek a minor that will enhance expertise in an area relevant to your research program. Minors are administered by the hosting unit and should be consulted by that department's Graduate Program Coordinator. For more information on minors, see the Graduate College Catalog.

For students in other programs, a Ph.D. minor in plant science or in plant pathology requires nine or more units in courses from the School of Plant Sciences, including core courses.

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