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Rooted in Arizona, with impact around the globe.

Growing future solutions in plant sciences.

Arid or dry lands make up more than 35% of our environments, produce 60% of the food we eat, and are home to the fastest growing populations in the world. From determining ways to improve sustainable agricultural systems in drying climates to microbial impacts on plant, human and environmental health—what we do here can impact the world over.

Interdisciplinary by nature.

Our research activities take place in the laboratory, in controlled growth environments and in the field. The resulting discoveries help us adapt to the challenges of a changing climate and sustainably produce food, fibers, and fuels while minimizing our environmental impact.

Growing a sustainable future requires an interdisciplinary approach. Learn how we're bridging disciplinary boundaries to produce purpose-driven science with real-world impact.

Collections & Institutes

The field scanalyzer at Maricopa Agricultural Center collects data from a experimental field.

ARID: Agroecosystem Research in the Desert

Providing evidenced-based knowledge and solutions to the challenges facing arid land agroecosystems, the Center for Agroecosystem Research in the Desert is the newest within the School of Plant Sciences and the College of Agriculture, Life, and Environmental Sciences. Pairing data science and technology with workforce training and community outreach, the Center works at the intersection of agricultural production and holistic ecosystem science.

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