Agronomy Emphasis

The bachelor's degree in sustainable plant systems, agronomy emphasis, will prepare you with an understanding of the critical concepts in soil-plant science, as well as the key approaches and technical skills needed to optimize the production of large-scale crops while protecting ecosystem soil health. You will receive training to develop drought- and disease-resistant plants, affording higher crop yield and better plant health on marginal lands.

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About the Agronomy Emphasis

This degree emphasis will prepare you for a fulfilling career in agronomic crop production, soil management in arid lands, crop consulting, crop breeding, education, or advocacy. The degree can lead to advanced studies at the graduate level conducting laboratory or field research.

Degree requirements

Courses required to complete a B.S. in Sustainable Plant Systems, agronomy emphasis, are subject to change. Remember to meet with your advisor regularly to review your course plan.

Course examples

You’ll work with your advisor to create a course plan that includes core and elective classes. Some course options for the agronomy emphasis include:

  • Crop Science and Production
  • Applied Weed Science
  • Plant Breeding
  • Applications in Agricultural Mechanics
  • Environmental Physics
  • Precision Observation with Drones

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