Applied Biotechnology Emphasis

Applied Biotechnology: Applied Biotechnology Emphasis

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A bachelor's degree in applied biotechnology, applied biotechnology emphasis, is your most versatile option for customizing your learning experience involving microbiology, plant biology, modern food production and human health.

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About the Applied Biotechnology Emphasis

This degree emphasis is highly customizable and prepares you for a career conducting basic or applied research in academic, institutional or governmental laboratories, or developing products in the biotechnology industry, including vaccines, enzymes, biofuels and biologics. The degree also can help you pursue graduate studies, such as a medical or veterinary doctoral degree.

Degree requirements

Courses required to complete a B.S. in Applied Biotechnology, applied biotechnology emphasis, at the University of Arizona are subject to change, so remember to meet with your advisor regularly to review your course plan.

Course examples

You’ll work with your advisor to create a course plan that includes core and elective classes. Some applied biotechnology emphasis course options include:

  • Biotechnology Laboratory
  • Plant and Animal Genetics
  • Recombinant DNA Methods and Applications
  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Microbial Genetics

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