Rod A. Wing

Rod A. Wing

Bud Antle Endowed Chair Professor


  • 1980 B.A. Biochemistry, UC Berkeley
  • 1987 Ph.D. Genetics, UC Davis
  • 1987-1990, Postdoctoral Research Associate, USDA-UC Berkely Plant Gene Expression Center, Albany, CA
  • 1990-1991, Reserach Associate, NSF Plant Science Center, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Our lab is focused on structural and evolutionary genomics of crop plants, and is leading an international effort to generate reference genome sequences for all 24 species of the genus Oryza, which contains the world most important food crop – rice.


Comparative Evolutionary Genomics of Crop Plants (Rice, Oryza, Maize, Cotton, Brassica, Amborella)
Genome Sequencing and Physical Mapping
BAC Library Construction & Distribution (
Education and Outreach - Plant Science Family Night