Mohammad Pessarakli

Mohammad Pessarakli

Research Professor

Forbes Bldg., Room 415A



  • Ph.D. (1981), Soil Fertility & Plant Nutrition (Major), Agronomy & Plant Genetics (Minor), The University of Arizona
  • M.S. (with distiction) (1978), Soil Management & Crop Production, Arizona State University
  • B.S. (1977), Environmental Resources in Agriculture, Arizona State University
  • A.A. (1973), Forest Management, College of Forest & Range Management, Gorgan, Iran, and completed 3 years of the B.S., Agricultural Engineering College of Sari, Iran (transferred the completed credit hours to Arizona State University).

Research focused on the adaptation of turfgrass species/genotypes/cultivars to environmental (salinity, drought, & heat) stresses, screening various turfgrasses for stress tolerances in hydroponics culture as well as in the field, and studying optimum nutrient & water requirements of turfgrasses/plants.


Stress Physiology, Environmental Interactions
Soil fertility & Plant nutrition, optimum nutrient requirements of plants/turfgrasses under environmental stress conditions


PLS 355 (Turfgrass Management) 
PLS 455 (Turfgrass Science: Environmental Interactions-Stress)
Independent Study courses (PLS 399, PLS 492, and PLS 499) 
PLS 170C (Plants & Our World)
PLS 361 (Plant Physiology Lab)