David Baltrus

David Baltrus

Associate Professor


  • Postdoc UNC Chapel Hill 2006-2010Advisor: Jeff Dangl
  • PhD University of Oregon 2001-2006Advisors: Karen Guillemin and Patrick Phillips
  • BA University of Delaware 1997-2001

The Baltrus lab is interested in understanding microbial evolution with a focus on the mechanisms and costs of adaptation guided by expectations from genomics and population genetics, and usually with an emphasis on better understanding associations between bacteria and other organisms. We work in a variety of different systems and use a variety of techniques ranging from metagenomic sequencing of wastewater to forward/reverse genetic experiments in bacterial phytopathogens. Really, though, we're just curious about how bacteria survive and thrive in the world and try to find the best systems to explore whatever questions pop up next. Please see the lab website for a more thorough description of current research as well as a variety of thoughts on the graduate and research experience and to see the things I hold important as a research mentor.


Microbial Evolution: How do bacterial pathogens adapt and thrive in multiple environments?
Microbial Genomics: How and why do bacterial genomes change over time?
Microbial Genetics: What happens if we break this gene?


PLP 428/528 Lecture and Laboratory